This Is A Very Basic Tutorial For People That Have Not Yet Got Into Redstone. If You Are One Of Those People I Suggest You Learn All Of These Tutorials Off By Heart As An Upcoming Tutorial Series Will Be A 16 Bit ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).

A NOT Gate Is An Inverter. (If You Turn A Switch On You Will Turn Something OFF But If The Switch Is Off Something Has Turned ON)

Instructions On How To Build :

  1. Place A Block Of Your Choice Anywhere On Your Map
  2. On One Side Of The Block Place A Redstone Torch
  3. On The OPPOSITE Side Place A Lever
  4. Create A Line Of Redstone Coming From The Torch
    Simple Inverter NOT

    A NOT Gate (Inverter)

If You Followed All Those Steps Correctly, When You Pull The Lever You Should See What I Meant.

Material Cost For NOT Gate
Redstone 1 +
Block Of Iron / Other 1
Lever 1
Redstone Torch 1